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SA solar water heater market growing!

The solar water heater market in South Africa has recorded phenomenal growth during the past four years expanding from less than 20 suppliers in 1997 to more than 400 by the beginning of 2011, finds Frost & Sullivan, the global market intelligence and growth consulting company.
In line with global trends, South Africa’s domestic water heating […]

Eskom’s drive towards energy efficiency needs the support of all!

Many South Africans may believe the power outages of 2008 – the year we all became aware of the fact that electricity is a scare national resource that should be used prudently – is a thing of the past. Eskom, in its drive to maintain open and regular communication with South African homeowners and the […]

What is the Solar Water Heating Programme about?

The government has set a target for renewable energy to contribute 10 000 giga watt hours (GWh) of final energy consumption by 2013. Solar water heating could contribute up to 23% towards this target.

Solar power is one of the most effective renewable energy sources available. By implementing it in water heating, we can target one […]

Eskom amends solar geyser rebate

While many South Africans will get a warm feeling from watching Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding on April 29, it is also the date from which Eskom’s generous solar geyser rebate is amended downwards, following a highly successful subsidy campaign introduced in 2008.
More than 60,000 solar geysers have been installed around the country since […]

Understanding Solar Geysers

Understanding Solar Geysers
Quality solar water heating installations such as the ones we offer remain the proverbial “no brainer” value offer for anyone who can count. Eskom now offer forward thinking & environmentally responsible South African homeowners the opportunity to counteract the growing cost of electricity via solar geysers & installations a once off helping hand […]