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More and more people are making the move to cleaner and cheaper energy alternatives.

It might have been due to the current economic climate or a shift in understanding the impact of the carbon footprint – but there is a definite change in the way that consumers look at their energy consumption. Of course nobody can argue about the benefits of solar energy. Sure there are some initial costs involved with setting up your solar geyser, solar panels etc. but after that you will enjoy practically free (and environmentally friendly) energy!

The truth is that taking that first step in reducing your energy bill is in fact very easy! Henkoly specializes in the installation of various solar products, each tailor-made to not only save electricity; reduce costs and your carbon-footprint, but also to be as affordable and accessible as possible.

Three easy ways to reduce your monthly electricity bill are –

  • Convert your current lights to energy-saving LED Lights. Not only will these lights reduce the amount of monthly electricity-usage but they are also easy to install and stylish enough for home, at the office or even your business! Read more about our LED lights here.
  • Install a solar geyser (or solar water heater as some people prefer to call them). The South African climate is perfect for solar power and you could easily benefit from this by installing a solar geyser. Henkoly solar geysers can reduce your current electricity bill with up to 40%. Read more about how a solar water heater works here.
  • Still not convinced that the above solutions will reduce your electricity bill? Or do you want to be completely independent from utility providers like Eskom or City Power? If you answered yes then you really should think about utilizing a grid-tie system. Henkoly has a professional and well-distinguished team of system designers experienced in tackling large commercial projects as well as smaller residential conversions. Read more about what a grid-tie system is and how it can help you go solar here.

As you can see there are various ways to go solar and save money. Not all of these steps require you to adjust your current lifestyle choices. After all, at Henkoly we believe that technology should be adapted to accommodate your lifestyle, and not the other way around. If you are still not convinced that we have what it takes to help you make the move from conventional (and expensive!) electricity to naturally clean, solar energy – feel free to contact us with any questions or fears that you may have. Our knowledgeable sales consultants and team of engineers will gladly discuss your project with you.

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