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Henkoly PTY Ltd is a professional South African company specializing in providing solar and alternative power products and technology throughout the West Rand and South Africa geographical areas.
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The Basics about LED Lighting

The Basics about LED Lighting
An LED (Light Emitting Diode) is a special diode that uses a semiconductor chip to produce light when an electric current is passed though it. LED lights are extremely energy efficient and long lasting making them ideal replacements for traditional power hungry halogen and standard incandescent lights and can save […]

Solar geyser improves center for disabled children.

In a community project that displays the growing sense of social responsibility within Gauteng, Henkoly Solar Geysers, situated in Factoria, Krugersdorp, and Exotic Warehouse partnered up to donate a 100 litre low pressure solar water heater to the Light Centre for Children with Disabilities.

Founded in February 2013, the Light Centre has been caring for children […]

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Discover solar power!

Solar Power is the new word!
Solar power is the latest word on everybody’s lips, but what exactly is solar power, how does it work and will installing a solar geyser really help save you money and reduce your monthly electricity bill?

Our knowledgeable team at Henkoly Solar Power Solutions have crafted this page to help you […]

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Easy ways to go solar!

More and more people are making the move to cleaner and cheaper energy alternatives.
It might have been due to the current economic climate or a shift in understanding the impact of the carbon footprint – but there is a definite change in the way that consumers look at their energy consumption. Of course nobody can […]

Including solar water heaters in building codes to help SA reach 2014 target

Power utility Eskom’s rebate programme has facilitated interest in solar water heaters (SWHs) , a greater, more assertive framework would be required to attract the mass SWH adoption needed to reach South Africa’s target of one-million installations by the end of 2014.

Global consultancy Frost & Sullivan (F&S) suggested that such a framework could include making […]

Eskom tots up savings from solar geysers!

Eskom effected a saving of 250 gigawatt-hours of electricity a year with the installation of more than 262 000 solar water heaters across the country, the parastatal said yesterday.

Eskom is one of the agents installing solar water heaters through an initiative by the Department of Energy. It aims to have a million of these heaters […]